The art of laughing through the tears.

Ever find yourself in situation where you’re so mad or so annoyed you find yourself bursting into laughter unwittingly? Or ever notice how guys laugh through their pain after getting accidently kicked square in the nuts? Funny, isn’t it? I mean the laughing, not the part about being hurt.

The art of laughing through the tears.

Laugh out loud

Of course you do find the few that gets pleasure from the sin itself. I’m not just talking about the ‘Jack Ass’ slapstick humour though. I’m talking about using laughter as a surviving tool in your life in general, sort of a coping merchanism.

I know of a person that once survived getting mugged by simply laughing at his muggers dead in the face. They must’ve been so confused and humiliated that they genuinely had no idea what to do next. As you can imagine criminals loathe attention. But they must have been confused by his laughter.

I’ve also heard of a woman that began giggling right after seeing her husband in a coffin. As you can imagine everyone was mortified by this innapropriate behaviour. But soon enough everyone started joining in.

Life is so much easier with a sense of humour.

It’s all fun and games … until … someone doesn’t pick up sarcasm.


You see we as humans have a certain threshold for pain and when the capacity for emotional pain storage gets saturated, it pushes pain into the contrary balancing emotion. It’s a sort of an emotional pain balance that’s regulated accordingly for our own good.

The point I’m making is that I’ve noticed humour not just to be a matter of taste or something to create every now and again but an effective tool to navigate through life. And while some may claim ‘they never use such tools’, we often use humour to skip through awkward situations with a simple ‘lol’ response. A ‘lol’ will speak a lot about the expression.

So how does one use this tool?
Well firstly – Find humour in every situation whether good or bad – few days back i was playing a game with my boyfriend of asking each first date questions. A certain question got me thinking. Which joke can you think of on the spot? I said to him this is a difficult one because I find humour in almost every situation.
I encourage you to find humour in everything. Am not saying you should be in denial and avoid solving problems but you should not allow situations to steal your joy.

Secondly – Use the tool of laughter as coping mechanism. Take it as a way to relieve stress. Life gets hard at times so we should at least try to find ways in which we can cope – laughter being one of them. It’s okay to laugh your way out of stress as long as you don’t run away from your problems.

Whatever the science is behind laughter, the bottomline is that it distracts better than any comedy movie can.

Therefore I say use those God given endorphines
to let God rain whilst the sun is shinning. So when life kicks you in the nuts, you know what to do.

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