The Comment Section

I do take some time out to read the comments section of other people’s posts. In reading comments from other bloggers, I’ve come to realise that there’s a lot of information and people are mostly able to express themselves out more than they can on their own posts.

There are different reasons why people comment on some blogposts than others and I would love to point out to you 5 reasons which causes them to comment on your blog posts.

The comment section.

  • When blogging, often times you realise that most comments comes from bloggers with similar interest or taste as yours. A fashion blogger that gives out tips about winter wear will generally get comments coming from another fashion blogger or someone who has the same interest in fashion or something related. Even on other niches, commentors tends to extend the information further on the comments section.
  • There will always be people who will comment on your posts because they genuinely support you and believe in your craft. It doesn’t always matter how unclear your content is, they remain loyal readers and never pass without letting you know that they read your blog. These are people who are willing to stick around on your blog in all seasons. They know too well when you’ve written a mediocre post and whenever you have given it your best. I personally as a blogger, am also able to tell when one of my blogger friends has not done well. And yet I never stop interacting with them instead I leave a word of encouragement at all times.
  • When they see a more interesting post with a good title and an image feature. People tend to comment on a post based on how interesting a picture or a title is. Quality of content sometimes does not matter to them in this case. I had one blogger friend who told me he found one of my blogpost’s title interesting and he decided to click on it. He got hooked by title alone then decided to drop a comment.
  • Have you ever commented on a post after seeing one of the more popular bloggers busy commenting and you started to question yourself? ‘Why am I not commenting’. There are people who drops comments on your posts only because they see a well known blogger dropping a comment too.
  • You come from the same country. You have not met them before, but by virtue of you coming from the same country as them, they feel like you are one of their own and there’s a sense of belonging. You can even sense from the tone on the comment that it stems from the fact that they think as though they know you. The tone changes without them being aware almost as if they are talking to their sister or brother across the room.

How does a blogger benefit from comment section?

  1. Comment section affords you an opportunity to engage better with your readers. Make sure you are equal in engaging with fellow bloggers and you that you do not give favour one blogger more than you do the other.
  2. People generally express themselves better on comment sections There are things that they generally say which they could never be able to say in their own posts. As a blogger, do pay attention to such people.
  3. You can find blogpost ideas as you read the comments. An idea can come and you’ll want to expand it further in your own words.
  4. You get to broaden your thinking when people read your posts. They may not see things the way you do. Their opinions gives you additional information on what you already know. Your way of thinking gets stretched and you become more knowledgeable about the topic.
  5. You get to interact with people from different parts of the world at the same time. That is a valuable benefit on it’s own. Only internet blogging can afford you that opportunity.

Do not neglect the comments on your posts. Interact and build relationships.

Dear bloggers, there you have it!
I’ve listed the types of commentors on the comments section and the benefits it has for your blog. of the comments section. So the next time you’ve written the blog, do not undermine the value or the power that comments section has in engaging with your audiences and letting you know about the topic. And allowing the community of interactions from fellow bloggers and many other benefits. I hope from now on, we will engage even further and learn to act as one community in the blogging sections.
Happy blogging.

Please do not forget to show my other posts some love and drop your opinions. I love reading your opinions.

From my heart to yours



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