The imagined sound of someone.

How often have you read a book, blog post, or article written by someone whose voice you have never heard? Many times, right? I’m very sure that many of you have never heard my voice, yet you still read my posts. I’m actually curious to know what you think my voice sounds like. Hahahhaha. That would be interesting.

I’m quite sure that by just reading posts and articles, you can already conclude how the person sounds like. Sometimes it will be based on the type of content they put up or the tone of their write-ups. For example, people who write about business and finances will usually have serious and authoritative voices. Professionally delivered, yet audible and clear. And we assume they have a hoarse, deep voice. And for those with lifestyle content, we assume their voices are more soft and bubbly. 

Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak.


The voice behind the words

Until you meet them, watch their reel, or see them go live on social media, you don’t realize that their voice is different from what you imagined it to be. The sound you created in your head is different from what you are hearing. For instance, as bloggers, many of you here read blogs often and probably have never heard from each other. That’s why, in most cases, when I see that one of my fellow bloggers has a YouTube channel or a podcast, I get excited because I finally get to hear the voice behind the words I read daily. The voices are always opposite of what I imagined them to be. This happens a lot of times, and that’s where the beauty of the variety of our voices comes from.

Sometimes you can be spot-on. Hahahaha. The person might sound as precise as you imagined they would. I always pull a starring pose whenever I’m spot on; it feels so good.

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Read the words in someone else’s voice.

Here is another one: Where you read an article, book, or blog of someone whose voice you are familiar with and you read their work with their voice. Is it just me, or does it happen to the best of us? You read with their emotions and just how you know they’ll express what you’re reading since you already know how they sound. 
When they yell, you read the work while yelling the same way they would. When they are happy, sad, or angry, you read their work with their emotions. You will have them in mind as you read, as if they are sitting right there with you, telling you the things you are reading in person. And your imagination is the exact way they will express it. I always do this with authors I’ve heard speak or with other bloggers whose voices I am familiar with. I’ll read their work with their voices. 

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Imagining how someone looks based on their voices.

The most embarrassing one—I’m not sure if I should use the term “embarrassing” or not. The one where you speak to someone on the phone and your imaginary self determines how you think the person will look based on the sound of their voice. Perhaps the voice is soft, and you assume the individual might appear to be a little skinny, but when you actually meet them, you discover they have a bit of weight. People who are meeting for the first time frequently encounter this, especially if they have been talking over the phone. You’ll be speaking over the phone, and at the time when you meet them, you’ve already created a picture of what they’ll look like. But when you meet them, it’s a completely different story. That’s how powerful voices are, they play a huge role in our lives.

There’s a book titled “Prison Love” by Tshidi Monkoe. I’ve not read the book yet, but she always talks about the stories in the book during her interviews. She tells a story of how she fell in love with a prisoner. At the time, they had not met and had only spoken over the phone. She talks about how his voice charmed her and made her fall in love with him. He knew the right words to say and the buttons to press. Before visiting him for the first time in jail, she fell in love with his voice. Fortunately for her, the man looked exactly as she imagined him to be and more. At least with Tshidi, it was spot on. But for many of us, it’s always the opposite. Voices are truly powerful.

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Voices are really fascinating.

I cannot imagine all of us speaking the same way. with the same tempo, rhythm, congruence, softness, and all types of voices we have. Imagine if we only had one sound. That will be so boring. Just like we have different singing voices, we also speak differently, and that’s what makes life colorful., not forgetting accents as well. Many of the people I know would attest that their schoolmates made fun of how they sounded. We can do better than that. If we laugh at each other’s voices, are we saying that we should all speak the same way? No, it should not be so. It was never intended to be. So embrace your voice and appreciate that of the person next to you. 

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Have you ever met someone whose voice is completely different from how you had expected it to be?
Or perhaps you speak to someone on the phone, but when you see them in person, they completely differ from how you anticipated them to sound.
Let me hear from you in the comments section.

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