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Is it challenging to find your true love in university? Well, times have changed. And in our century, social media platforms have become the mainstream or norm for finding love, as dating sites are on the rise daily. Nonetheless, this does not imply that it is impossible to find a life partner at university. Meeting your future husband or wife in university will always be a dream for many people. I mean, that’s where many of us explore relationships and connect with many people on different levels. It is worth spending time focusing on your education while in school, however, if you also manage to meet your soul mate, that’s even better.
Today’s couple had experienced the joys of finding a life partner in university. They get to share with us their love story and how they made it work, no matter the challenges they faced. Love indeed conquers all!


How did you meet?

Mologadi: We were both classes of 2008 at varsity. He was an agricultural economics student, and I did animal production. I was a friend of his friend. Most of his friends were okay with me except for him. So it was a matter of knowing him, but not so much. Until we started talking on Facebook in 2019,

How was your experience on your first date? 

Mologadi: We went on our first date during a lockdown. We both became “locked” in. We stayed together on the majority, if not all, of the days when the schools were closed.
Khomotso: Our first date was during the lockdown—a mini picnic indoors—and the memory still lingers in my mind.

When did you know that you would end up getting married?

Mologadi: Such a moment comes unannounced. It was going to be hard to be apart. We had aligned our plans and well-being around each other, and 10 months down the line, we had the first part of “Magadi” (Dowry).
Khomotso: We spent a lot of time together during the lockdown. She is not only attractive, but I have also met someone with whom I can create a relationship and travel through life. One quality I’d cherish in her is her strong will and support.

What was the most special part of your wedding?

Mologadi: “Our wedding was nothing short of special and sentimental.” But knowing I was marrying my best friend was the greatest feeling.
Khomotso: Looking into her eyes while exchanging our vows and seeing them teary but filled with joy made it extra special.

Communication has bridged these differences by agreeing that we are now a union.


What has been the most challenging time during your relationship, and how did you handle that?

Mologadi: Maintaining growth for one another and us as a couple Our marriage started quickly, as most will say. Some of the challenges we experienced before getting married The truth is, we needed each other to overcome. We still communicate and respect our individuality. His growth is fairly similar to mine, and vice versa.
Khomotso: Coming from different backgrounds She is more family-oriented, whereas I’ve been a loner most of my adult life. Communication has bridged these differences by agreeing that we are now a union.

Would you say you are each other’s soulmates?

Mologadi: I love him so much. He’s the best life partner and unconsciously gives more than he should. Prison food won’t be as horrible as they claim if being soulmates means you will offer your heart to someone without hesitation and then find yourself. I guess that’s who we are to each other. 
Khomotso: Like a puzzle where all the pieces come together flawlessly, I truly believe she is the queen of my heart.

Who sleeps first?

Mologadi: It all depends on the following day’s plans. But we are a “Bota H” series binge kind of couple. But in most cases, he is the last one to come to bed.
Khomotso: She does, unless swamped up with work.

Who wakes up first?

Mologadi: I do in most cases (winks).
Khomotso: I do

Who of you cracks the best jokes?

Mologadi: “None of us.” Our good laughs come from our funny moments.
Khomotso: Me

What’s the best way to show appreciation to your spouse?

Mologadi: “Money, money, and more money.” Money is an object of marriage, not a subject. Normalize giving and sharing money. Hahaha.
Khomotso: Being truthful, open and sharing moments with each other.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5-10 years as a couple?

Mologadi: Most of all, we pray for good health and a willingness to embrace each day as it comes. The major thing we are working on is the legacy of my father-in-law’s foundation, Dudu Madisha.
Khomotso: There is so much we want to achieve for ourselves and the kids. We pray for good health the most and appreciate each day as it comes. We have a lot of goals for both the kids and ourselves.

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