The power of money and disrespect: Consumed by priced possessions

The power of money and disrespect

Money is becoming the cornerstone of our lives and how much you earn determines how far you can disrespect the poor. Even though is not every rich person who enjoy disrespecting and belittle those who can’t match his or her pockets. Most people continue to hurt, belittle, embarrass and disrespect those who have nothing to show.

God didn’t bless us the same and everyone has their own blessings which are unique per person. Money can change someone for the best or in the worse possible way. It will magnify how you look at others who seems beneath you in terms of financial power. You become someone who feel like you can take whatever you want from whoever. There is nothing which can frustrate you like a young financially powerful person insulting an elder like a child just because he or she has lot of money.

There are other things and troubles which money can’t get you out of it in this life. Sometimes the disrespect can also lead you to your own death because one day you will take it too far to someone who had a bad day and that’s it. Sometimes no one can teach you humility and is on you to live with others in peace no matter how financially stable you become. The disrespect also extend at homes where the elders and parents have no say to a young powerful person anymore.

Only bad things happens when you stop listening to your parents because you have enough money. Sometimes if you have lot of money, you forget about God and nothing good will come out it. Is just like the same way Judas sold Christ for the money, the curse continues when it comes to it. No matter how you were blessed with the money you need God on your side because it will indeed change you. The point is how good or bad the money can change you because you can also look like you are possessed by the demons.

Now what happens to your disrespectful behavior when you lose all the riches. Yes, it happens and you will still have to face the same people you disrespected before because of your money status. Live with others in harmony no matter if you are rich and never mistreat others just because you have the power of money.

Money is an important thing in our lives and is just the matter of how we handle ourselves after putting our hands on such riches. In life the tables can turn at any time and the poor person you used to hurt with insults will get their turn on you.

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