We all need a sense of security in life. And for me the Sanctuary is one of the safest places I’ve ever known.

The sanctuary

The words which echoed frequently in my spirit as I was meditating were : “Stay in the sanctuary, do not be in a hurry”. I realised that the sanctuary is not a gym, where you just lift weights and leave. You need to take your time.

Am aware we live in a fast paced world. People are occupied by jobs, marriages, schools, children, travelling (etc), and serious busy schedules. We seem to neglect the significance that comes with the presence of the Lord. I want to encourage you to choose to be in the presence of the Lord.

Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth, received their miracle in the satuary. They together lived honourably before God, walking blamelessly in all the commandments and statutes of the Lord, yet they had a condition which needed God’s intervention. They were childless, barren and were both well advanced in years.

This should give you a demonstration that the righteous do face afflictions. You are not an exception in facing trials and tribulations because you observe the commandments and regulations of Jesus Christ blamelessly, instead you are rest assured of victory.

Serve God

The angel appeared to him unannounced in the sanctuary and found him carrying out his priestly duties. It’s of necessity to position ourselves in serving the Lord. When you serve, you opening up a room for fellowship with Christ.

I once worked at the church full time. My peers would ask me about my work, and I’ll unapologetically say i work at church without any shame whatsoever. Kkkkk that is not the kind of an answer you can expect, right? Well they would ask, “Seriously church, like church”? And I’d say yess. Remember there was zero salary. No money whatsoever. It was a challenging season but yet an experience I could never trade for anything. I can attest and say that the Lord managed to prune my character and i never felt so peaceful in my entire life. One day I’ll outline it more detailed. It was in those times that I’ve experienced fully the presence of the Lord. It was in those times that i discovered my purpose. I knew in details about my media pursuits. The Lord revealed in details about which tv-shows to go for. This is not a story. I know what am talking about. Choose to serve God wholeheartedly. As you serve, the Spirit of the Lord will reveal things about your life which you cannot even fathom. Serve Him and you shall surely witness His fullness of joy.

The bible says the whole multitude of people was outside praying at the hour of burning incense. It could occur that they were praying outside not in the sanctuary with Zechariah simply because he was the priest such that he was the only one who’s allowed inside, that could be a fact. But there’s something that God revealed to me about the Crowd. Let me say we are bound together and we serve one Master and His Spirit is for all and in all. God never intended that our lives be lived alone. His dream was that we should be intertwined in each other that we would all build together. Ultimately we should all be able to accomplish our God-given purposes. You do your part, i do mine, together we serve our purposes and are all fitted together in the presence of God. That’s acceptable. Here am addressing the power of sacred time, just you and your Master Jesus in the sanctuary. It is impossible to fully devote yourself in the Lord with the crowd. Sanctuary is a sacred place. Very sacred, it recquires deliberate and conscious decision to be in solitude. There’s no way that you can pursue the sanctuary with the crowd. No ways. It’s not possible. Step out of the crowd if you want to attain the unfathomable, unimaginable greatness in your life. The word is clear. Stop following the masses. The shallow end is overcrowded. When you follow the crowd, you will miss the crown.


The angel gave him an assurance of victory when fear paralysed him. These words were uttered by an angel to Zechariah. I want to say them to you, open your spirit to grasp them. DO NOT BE AFRAID. You’ve probably heard these words a countless times before and they’ve somehow lost value in your life due to what you’ve experienced or are experiencing. Allow me to reassure you, this time with more power and promptings of the Holy Spirit. Do not fear, for the Lord have heard your pertitions. He said to Daniel, ” Fear not Daniel, for the moment you set your mind and heart to understand and decided to humble yourself before your God, your request had been heard in heaven. This should hit hard on your spirit. Be encouraged, the Lord has come in response to your words. Learn to render your pertitions to the Lord. Cast all your burdens unto Him. That should be your normal. Normalize saying something to Him, do not be quiet. He will come through for you as a consequence and in response to your own words. Allow your spirit to grasp the immensity of so much assurance from the angel of the Lord. All secret prayers you have uttered, when you were alone in your bed, wettening your pillow with tears of distress. The Lord has heard every single of them. No need to worry. I pray that your heart be enlightened of this truth and see what the Lord will do. Rejoice in your heart for you are victorious.

Detailed God

It was in the sanctuary that Zechariah received his fully detailed miracle in his life. The Lord does not leave out even a single detail when He outlines His miracles in your life. Talk about excellence. He’s very detailed. He will reveal to you all that you need to know about your purpose and your wonderful future. He was really articulate to Zechariah about the promise. The Lord said he will have a son and should name him John. He did not want to leave anything out. Even the name?? Woow how detailed is our God. You will give birth to what you are carrying inside you. It is possible. Do not look down on yourself. The Lord will avow to you all that He has promised to you and it will be as detailed as you can ever imagine. And you shall leap with gazelle of joy and exultant delight.


You must understand that the miracle which is going to happen in your life, has nothing to do with you. What you are about to give birth to, shall outlive you from generations to generations. You were born for nations. Nations are waiting to rely on you for solutions. Many will rejoice and delight at your greatness and benefit from the goodness which will come out of it. You will be great and distinguished in the sight of the Lord, fully filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit. We are yet waiting in anticipation for greatness which will come out of you.

In so many ways we have looked down on ourselves. It is understandable, looking at what we’ve experienced or are currently experiencing. When words of encouragements comes our way we seem to downgrade them and throw pity-parties, such that we don’t believe them anymore. Life threw some stones on us and the afflictions looked impossible to be solutioned. When the angel told Zechariah about the promise he did not believe. He looked at his situation and tried to match it with what the angel was saying and he concluded it to be non -sensical. I believe it’s what happens to many of us. We’ve already concluded the end-products of our future and it contradicts with what the Word says. I encourage you to start looking at yourself from what the word says. His word shall direct your path. If He says you are, believe Him, it settles there. No questions asked.


Hear me and hear me attentively. Take your time in the sanctuary. Do not be in a hurry. Sit and bask in the sanctuary. Make it your happy place daily. It’s alerting to know that Zechariah would have missed his miracle, had he not deliberately sat and basked in the sanctuary. I encourage you to deliberately bask in the sanctuary. Spend time in the sanctuary of the Lord. Take your time. No need to be in a hurry. Despite all the busyness which comes with being alive and errands to be taken care of. Set aside time to bask in the sanctuary. It helps to have a regular time in the sanctuary. For me, I always preferred mornings because the mind is calmer than during the day. However the best time is the time you can realistically commit to on a regular basis. Many of us we miss Christ because we do not devote ourselves fully in the presence of the Lord. We go in and come out quick. Hurried to be busy with the next errand, which makes it difficult for a full fellowship and companionship with Christ. Take your time as you linger in the sanctuary.

Let me conclude by saying, when you’ve been in the sanctuary, there’s no need for an announcement. When Zechariah came out of the sanctuary, he was unable to speak. The people who were outside could clearly perceive that he had seen a vision. This is beautiful. The glory of God will radiate upon you. There’ll be no need for an announcement. We shall gaze at you and say surely you have been in the sanctuary. I pray that you become shocked and speechless at what the Lord is going to do in your life at an apppinted time. Do not rush the process. Allow Him to take full control of your life as you bask in the sanctuary.


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