Three Rondavels

It was a chilled saturday morning, birds softly singing, kids playing on the streets when my sister and her husband invited me for a mini adventure to see the beautiful Three Rondavels site in the nearby town.
Arising from a place of mental exhaustion and a low spirit, I knew I needed an uplift to last me through the day and though It was an unprepared trip – I still honoured the invitation.

The kiddies schools had gone for recess hence there wasn’t a concern for any baby sitting as the kids were herded to the nearest bus stop to my grandmother’s place in the villages.
We hopped into the car and hit the road to Three Rondavels.
It was sort of like a road trip considering all the stoppages we had which I’m yet to take you through in different posts. The place was a lil chip far – about 150km from our home.

The journey was amazing. It was just the three of us, we sang and danced together. My sister will take snaps of videos for her social media account from the passengers seat in the front and i was just that girl who photobombs on every snap from the back. The mood was on steroids.

On the west side of the road, we stopped by a big beautiful shoe house. I was blown away when they told me it was not just a shoe but a house. I insisted we go check it out. This unique building consists of an “old woman’s “ furniture, a cute bedroom and some nice items for old aged. It is also a museum and art gallery.
You can also find carvings made of wood and bronze. Many of the artworks are also available to purchase.

New Adventures.

We got lost and we had to stop by the nearest garage or a shop to ask for help. We stepped off the car to ask and they showed us the map towards the Three Rondavels only to find that we were on the right track. We just had to keep going.

I started to notice how beautiful and green Mpumalanga is. It’s one of those things which I took for granted.

Three Rondavels? I sighed! Phew…
Am I going to see three beautiful Rondavels vintage structured with cultural paints? Or three lined Rondavels with old people besides them explaining the beauty of Africa or anything culturally related? I wondered.

We paid the entrance fee and still drove a mile from the gate. When we arrived, I saw cars packed up and some beautiful Rondavels where, as expected, sold traditional attires and many other cultural things. I thought to myself…ohh wow yeahh! Typical! Exactly what I thought it would be….a place to be taught about different cultures.

It looked evident that we had arrived because I saw people with big cameras taking pictures. Couples taking selfies and the whole vibe of an outing. Others with braai stands and drinking by their cars and I confidently thought that was what we paid for. I was a bit disappointed.
I took some snaps too with my sister and husband.

I was surprised when my sister told me we haven’t even started. Really? I thought…actually with a sigh of relief.
There’s no way that we paid so much for this!
We walked just a mile to the most beautiful view of all time. The view was crystal clear.
We came closer and closer and only to realize that we are at the edge of the mountain. On the other side there were three beautifully structured mountain with a Rondavel shape. Ohh that where the name came from? Three Rondavels?

Three Rondavels are one of the major icons of the Mpumalanga Province which are highly popular tourist drive to follow when exploring the province. I was surprised to see three round mountain tops with slightly pointed tops, very similar to the traditional round or oval African homesteads made with local materials called rondavels.
I truly found them fascinating and beautiful. We were only allowed to stand from afar in order to see them properly.

What an incredible view! People took pictures and I realized that there were braver ones who went to an extent of climbing even to the edge and the not so brave ( like me ) who only went where there’s a barricade gate for demarcation.
Honestly speaking I was a afraid. My phobia for heights was exposed because I tried to look brave but it wasn’t enough – one could see right through my eyes how afraid I was.

To be honest it was a refreshing and breathtaking atmosphere. I could hear the sound of my voice from the echo. The water from the fall came rushing down and it was just beautiful. I saw a glimpse of why film producers get to choose such places as the settings for the movies. The view is too precious, spiritual and peaceful.
The beauty of the mountain also got enhanced by the cloudy weather.

Three Rondavels are a highlight of any trip with beautiful iconic views.

Word :

You can be hidden but you have a lot to offer.
You can be scared but you’ll experience a lot of beautiful things in your life.
The higher and closer you go the more greater you become and the better you experience.
Go for your dreams and stop at nothing.

From my heart to yours



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