Time management in the mornings

Waking up in the earliest hours of the morning for work is one hell of an experience. You snooze the alarm multiple times, thinking that you still have time to get more rest. When you finally decide to wake up, you realize that you have 30 minutes to get ready. Everything is done in a rush—from brushing your teeth to bathing, applying lotion, making up if possible, to having breakfast. There’s just a lot to be done in 30 minutes. When you thought you could make it on time, you found traffic on the road, and there was no other route you could use than that one. When you finally get to work, you see that you have a stack of files on your desk from yesterday. Before the end of business hours, your employer needs the brief. As a result of the pressure, frustration and headaches set in, and you become less productive. That’s a typical chaotic morning for a late arrival. Effective time management is very vital.

It was really difficult for me to wake up when I first started my regular office work. I would take a shower, quickly get dressed, and practically run to the bus station, but unfortunately, I could not tell the bus driver to hurry because I was late. They always have posters in taxis and buses that say, “Do not hurry me; I’m not late.” Indeed the driver was never late; I was the one who was late. My boss would be upset with me because I would be late to work. I was simply that girl who consistently showed up late, which was not a very positive character trait I wanted to portray or be known for, especially in my workplace.

I knew I had every capacity to arrive early at work, but the issue was how I handled my time. I then started writing down my ‘To-Do’ list?? and allotted times. How long will that take, and at what time? With practice, I managed to beat being late for work and almost anything. You can ask anyone around me, and they will tell you that I am now the most punctual person they know. I arrive an hour or 30 minutes before call time. How incredible is that?
Here are a few suggestions that have made it easier for me to efficiently manage my time.

How effective are you in managing your time in the mornings.

Effective ways for managing time in the mornings.

Before you go to sleep, prepare your work materials and an outfit.

  • This is the timeless advice that has served me the best. My manager was now beginning to think of me as being unreliable, which was a trait I never wanted to portray for myself. Every morning was emotional for me. When I had to start getting ready in the morning, it was always chaotic, especially when choosing what to wear to match it and all the other stuff in between. I was simply fortunate in that I don’t use makeup. Otherwise, I’d have arrived to work at noon, when people were going for lunch. It was difficult for me, and I did not like that at all. One day I made the decision to get ready before going to bed. I prepared my outfit, lunch, and everything. My mornings became more and more fruitful. It was a life-changing routine that became a habit over time as I practiced it. 

Set an alarm before the actual time of waking up.

  • This is for people like myself who enjoy their beauty sleep. When you set your alarm before your actual waking time, you give yourself enough time to get the rest you need. When the alarm rings again, you are awake and still on time. For those who start with devotions, this gives you ample time to enjoy your devotion and prepare other things. Set the alarm for earlier than you get up.

Complete your daily tasks.

  • Although it may not seem useful, it is effective. Learn not to seamlessly combine your previous day’s work with today’s. I am aware that there will be occasions when it will not be feasible for you to complete your work in one sitting, but it is always preferable to begin each day with new responsibilities and a clean slate. To avoid having a mountain of work the following day, I always make sure to finish my work before calling it a day. Sometimes it might not be possible, but it’s still worth a try. Your workload will gradually ease up. 

These are the three morning time management strategies that have helped me avoid being late for work. Take one step at a time. And keep in mind that eating well, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water can all help you maintain your focus throughout the day.

What further techniques are there for managing time in the mornings? Let me know in the comments section. 

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