To my Son in Law

This letter is for all the parents who find it difficult to release their daughters in the hands of someone else’s son. It’s hard to raise girls in the world we live in as they are more susceptible to rape, trafficking, abuse, and sexual assaults. Parents, especially mothers, are overprotective of their children. Having carried them for so long through thick and thin, taking them through school and sacrificing so much, to someday give them away? It’s not easy.

In today’s letter, I want to release all overprotective parents, from holding on to their daughters. It’s normal to feel the way you do, but trust that you have done a satisfactory job as a parent. Allow your daughter to start her own family as you likewise did.

To my son in law


Son, let me set the record straight.
I raised my daughter with intentionality to prepare her to be the best version of herself.
She is the ornament that came out of my womb. I carried her for nine full months in all seasons.
In cold seasons, I made sure I wore fur clothes to keep her warm, and safe from the cold.
During summer, I was not able to sleep at night, got drowsy and dizzy. I irritably peed so often as I drank a lot of water to keep her hydrated.
I sacrificed my life for hers.

I could not wait to deliver her.
All I wanted was to give birth to a healthy baby, and I did everything in my power to attain that.
When I finally delivered, my heart was full.
I could not believe that I brought a whole human being on earth. So help me God!!
I could not believe that God trusted me so much to carry my girl full term with no complications.
When we locked eyes with each other, the anatomy of love filled my heart.
I remember saying to myself, I never loved anyone as I did to this tiny thing. Is it even possible to love someone that much?

All I wanted was to raise her according to God’s principles.
I wanted to be a companion she could always count on.
I wanted to be her best friend but still kept the mutual respect amongst us. Though it was not simple, I think I managed to do just that.
She’s my precious jewel, and I will stop at nothing to protect her.

I put her through school and made sure she gets an education, and I’m grateful that she worked hard for herself. After she completed her high school, I had no money to put her through tertiary. She had to stay home for two years, as she worked piece jobs to save up money for her education. It was a difficult time for her, but she never gave up. I was by her side to encourage her.

Everything you see today is all her efforts.
I urge you to love my daughter.
I urge you to encourage her to be the best version of herself, but not dim her light.
She is a bright star, allow her to shine in her right.
I raised her well with manners.
I know she will give you all the respect you deserve.
She has never disrespected me, so I know she will do the same to you.

I know they say mothers-in-law are not so friendly and receptive towards their children-in-law.
Trust me, you found yourself a mother in me.
You can count on me for anything. Advice, guidance in your marriage, I am here for you.
I might not have given birth to you, but the fact that you are marrying my daughter, makes me your mother too.
My entire family is fond of you, and they promise to respect you as they respect their sister.
Feel exempted to tell me anything.

My son! I give you my blessings.
It is difficult for me to release my daughter but I trust that you will protect, safeguard and shelter her.
She is a beautiful soul.

Whatever you give her, she will multiply. If you give her love, she will give it back to you a hundredfold.
If you give her a house, she will give you a home.
If you give her money, she will go pamper herself and look good for you.
If you give her food, she will make your favorite meal.
Treat her well, and she will multiply that, and give it back to you.
I give you my blessings.

Go ahead and build a family with your wife. I am looking forward to being called a grandmother, a ‘sexy’ one at that. Hahahhaha, coz, mommy is not aging anytime soon.

Future Mother In Love

What would you like to say to your son-in-law? Do you trust your daughter to give her away for marriage?

From my heart to yours



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