Peculiar Universe With Amber.

I collaborated with the extraordinary poet Amber. She is a full-time writer, photographer, and blogger. Her blog, is her great source of inspiration, as she uses it as an outlet to express her emotions. Do check it out and be encouraged.
With all the violent commotion happening in my country, I found this poetry so heartwarming and encouraging. I hope you enjoy the poem.

Written by Lebogang and Amber

Venturing for the unknown, devoured by the weirdness that is my existence.
Keeping myself stimulated because that is who I am, my true being.
A human family, blending chemistries of weirdness that find compatibility in reflections of others.
Simply because weirdness is a side effect of being awesome, why not spread it to the universe?
A seed burrowing up through the spreading earth transmitting frequencies metaphysically through the conjoining hive mind.
Only to realize that the presence has been obstructed by the diversity of life.
Allow your weird light to beam, so other weird ones may discover you. 
Embrace your weirdness to release the best you can offer because that is who you are.
Is being normal the ultimate aim of the unsuccessful?
Not! Life is precious. Embrace your weirdness.
In nature nothing is perfect, yet everything is perfect, trees contort and bend in peculiar ways and their weirdness is delightful.
When we electrically bond with another soul’s weird waters, we link up and divulge in love.

The writing contest with Soni.

I also participated in a writing contest organized by an incredible blogger, author, and poet Soni on her blog
The rules were to write anything on “Nature”. Either a poem, short story, or a quote.

Here is my precise entry for the contest, and I had so much working on the piece.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Do check out a list of all the contestants who participated in the contest here :
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