The real power in the name.

Names have a deeper meaning more than we can fathom and they play an important role in our lives. As far as during pregnancy, parents are already deciding on names. Younger girls without children already know which names they going to give their children.
Therefore it’s only fair to know the meaning of our names and and how they came about.

Take a look at international Thandie Newton who globally informed people about the origin of her name, that she’s Thandiwe not Thandie. Check out a full detailed posts by Uncle Beaton regarding her story. She’s a proud African lady.
What was so important to reveal her originality? Was it because there’s a sense of belonging or a form of attachment to it?
I believe she understood the real power in the name.

There’s a lot attached to naming children. If you can remember in the bible, the Lord gave Adam an authority to name animals. Where did he get inspiration to name an elephant, a lizard and all other animals? Was it based on size or what? Did he simply look at each animal’s personality and based on that then decide this name suit this animal?
I guess we’ll have to ask Adam when we get to heaven.

My mom and I shares a very special bond. She raised my siblings and I alone and her life is just a blessing. Everything in her life she got in the latter. From finishing school due to her hearing impairment, she failed a couple of times, getting married, having kids, getting a proper job, graduating and every other thing. This is where I learnt patience.
When she got married, she was mocked and ridiculed by her in laws and community because she was “apparently” barren. As I am typing to you, I have two siblings.
After five years of marriage, five years of shame, sadness and mockery, the lady writing to you was born. What is barrenness before God?

First thing which came to her mind upon my delivery was “Thank God”, silent prayers mothers do in labour rooms. “For so long I prayed for this miracle. The Lord answered my prayers”.
“What a relief from all shame and mockery”, my mom said.
She said even though according to people’s standards she gave birth to me late, I was born at the perfect time. God’s timing was perfect for her. I can imagine the joy from her face. Her enemies were shamed and bashed because nothing is impossible with God. That’s where Lebogang came from. Lebogang in my language meaning praise. ( Praise God – Lebogang Modimo )

In African families, especially in South, most black children have two names. One is generally tribal or cultural and the other in English, since it is our second additional language.
My english name is Sharon.
Sharon was given by my father. When my mom was pregnant with me, my father decided that my name will be Sharon if I’m a girl, and Shawn should I be a boy.
If I was to become a boy, I’d be Shawn! What a sweet name. I think the ladies would have loved me, I know.

Inherited names
Right guys, as you know there are certain names which have been inherited from our great great grandparents. I do have one but it’s not on my identity card and not a lot of people know it. I’m ashamed to say it here. I love the name so much though.
Hint : You can ask if you want to know. Wink.

I am skeptical with inherited names. I believe they have an effect on the behavior of a child as they grow up. The child tends to be the same way in behavior and actions. Take an example of an uncle who was I’ll mannered growing up, the child tends to be the same way. The funny one is those who are given noble names yet they do not behave and vice versa.

This is how I think people should name their children :

  • Events surrounding the birth – names can be influenced by the circumstances at the time the child was born or what the parents had to endure during pregnancy. Choose nice names.
  • Others are inherent from relatives
  • Use cute names from the internet. Research – who knows? You might just come up with the cutest name ever.
  • If you are a Christian you can get names from the bible. There are enough names with positive meanings to choose from.

People change their names all the time at Home Affairs. (Home Affairs is custodian and verifier of the identity and status of residents and other citizens in South Africa ).
I did not understand the notion of changing identity until one of the ladies told me that from an early age her life was miserable and the only way to change it was to firstly change her name. ( Her name was Dikeledi – meaning Tears ). It was until she got older that she understood what the core problem was : THE MEANING OF HER NAME. She changed it to Joy, and indeed joy followed her.

Gospel artist Mavutula from Malawi was originally named Misery but decided it was too negative and he changed it.

Upcoming mothers, please allow me to give you my two cents of advice :
Please consider names you give to children. Names are powerful and they can either shape or destroy a child’s life. Many times in the bible the Lord changed people’s names. From Abraham to Abram. From Sarai to Sarah, from Peter to Simon Peter, from Saul to Paul. The names where changed because they were headed to new dimensions which recquired a change of identity. Had they remained with the same names, they were not going to experience the miracles and the blessings they had encountered in their journey.

We all recognize ourselves with names. The big question is what does our name mean and how does it affect our personalities?

I’m very interested in knowing what your names came from, what they mean, the inspiration behind it.
Have you ever thought of changing your name? If yes, please share your experience.
If you are a mother and you have children, how did you determine the names of your children?

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