A young bride on her wedding day.

As young girls we would often imagine ourselves in wedding gowns, looking our best in our Cinderella dress in front of Prince Charming. The best feeling ever!!!!
However, (not sure if I am alone on this one), I always wonder what could be in a bride’s mind on her wedding day. When everyone is awestruck by her beautiful dress, as they ilulate, sing-along in rhythmic bridal songs, I would always try guessing what the bride is thinking at that exact moment.
“I bet she is afraid that her husband might not even pitch,” I’d think. She does not exactly look ready. Is she certain that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him?


As I watch wedding programs on TV, most brides would attest to how nerve-wracking it is before the wedding.

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They got mixed emotions – excitement, joy, anxiety, and uncertainty – all at once.
Nonetheless, the dominant emotion which outweighs all is that of excitement – most claim. If you are having cold feet before the wedding, know that it’s perfectly normal. Below are the common questions of a young bride on her wedding day.

What if he walks away?

  • Ever watched a movie where the Groom finds out about a big secret the bride kept all along? Instead of calling the wedding off, but he continues for some reason? Surprisingly, when the Bride arrives at the altar looking at all kinds of beauty, the groom then starts sobbing. At that moment you think the groom loves his bride so much that he would decide to continue marrying her with her flaws. Next thing he tells her that he loves her, but he cannot go on with the marriage, then leaves the altar, and the bride is left all alone on the altar devastated. I’m not condoning keeping secrets, but every bride thinks that whenever they get married and pray it never happens that way.

What if people don’t come to my wedding.

  • Due to covid, the number of people in any gathering has been reduced to a certain number of people. So, the quantity of people attending does not matter anymore. For now, the lesser the number of attendees, the safer. However, imagine sending out invites, and none of the people you invited arrives at the wedding. Every bride’s nightmare is to arrive at the wedding venue and find it empty whilst she sent out invites.

What if I do not pose well

  • The camera crew is one of the top priorities in every wedding nowadays. In the times we live in, if it is not captured, then it did not happen. Anyways, wedding pictures make Instagram looks dapper, so a photographer is quite vital. I am sure every bride practices a smile every time they look in the mirror.”Will the jaws and muscles be able to survive poses the whole day?”She would ask. Imagine waking up the next morning after the wedding to awful wedding pictures ruined by poses.

What if I moisten my dress with menstruation.

  • I once attended a wedding, where the bride was not aware that she was on her periods until she stood up, and one of the bridesmaids noticed that she had stains of blood on the dress – a white dress at that. It was quite a sad moment as she was quickly taken to the changing room and her facial expression changed from joyous to sorrowful. Luckily she had already planned to change to the second dress, so it was not much of an embarrassment because she was going to change into the other dress anyways. The fact was that she did not enjoy her first attire much. Every girl’s nightmare is to moisten the dress with menstruation or any stain on her wedding. Make sure you wear lilet pads just for safety at your wedding.

What if I get ‘booed’ when I give a speech.

  • I have seen brides who would not want to give their speeches on their wedding day. It might be due to a stage fright situation, but most of them would say they are afraid they’ll get ‘booed’ as they speak. I have not seen anything like this before, but I know every bride is afraid to be ‘booed’ on their wedding day. It will be their day, but the cautiousness of everything going perfect just makes them believe that they are not good enough to stand in front of people and speak about their love story. What if people don’t find our love story relevant and fascinating enough? Ahhh just go ahead and tell the story. You will realize that no one cares!!


It’s every girl’s dream to have a massive wedding with no interruptions, but the most fun and juicy stories I have heard are those in which something went wrong. Haahahahaa, it is an uncommon opinion but imagine coming back from a wedding, and we ask you how the wedding went, and all you say is, “It went well”, ah no, that sounds boring.

What are some of the questions you can think of? If you had a wedding, what was going on in your mind? What were you not certain about? How did you overcome it?
Let me hear in the comments section.

From my heart to yours


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