You are a reward to someone

Somebody needs you, said Mike Murdock on the book titled The Assignment Volume. It’s a must read and I will review the whole book on the next post. For today, let me balance you here real quick. . . .YOU ARE A REWARD TO SOMEONE ON THIS EARTH. SOMEBODY NEEDS YOU.

You are a reward to someone

Every morning when you wake up in the morning, you are looking into an entire world stuffed with solutions. Everything created is a solution for somebody, somewhere and some time.
You are a solution to humanity. It is very important that you grasp your significance and value.

Your patience and love is a reward for somebody that others would not tolerate. Your words will motivate someone incapable of seeing what you see. It may be mental, emotional and spiritual qualities God has developed within you, but someone desperately needs you today.
God has planned you. Nobody else can be like you and do what you do. Grab this and embrace it. God is not a duplicate, He’s a Creator. You are absolutely perfect and accurate for solving a specific problem for someone on earth.

Somebody is hungry and thirsty for your presence. Somebody will starve without you entering their life. Someone is literally dying emotionally, physically and spiritually, waiting for you to come along and rescue them. Somebody has been lying awake at night praying that God would send you into their life.

Now you need to realize that some people do not really need you. You are not their answer. You are not their solution. Do not take offense at this. God has somebody else planned for them. Find your tribe and be ready to thrive.
You are not needed everywhere. You are only needed at a specific place, time and you are for specific people.

Meditate on this truth. Taste it and feel it.
From my heart to yours


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