You Are Valuable

Being Youthful is being intelligent

Alive and full of energy

Being remarkably strong

Because you matter

Able to withstand pressures of life

Unshakeable, steadfast human hearts

Ready to win against all odds

And be as authentic

Because you matter

Born for greatness

, Purpose and passion Driven

Allowing purpose to give birth to greatness

Because you matter

Loving caring and mindful souls

Considerate generation of all time

Because they matter

Having freedom of expression about anything

Having freshness of ideas and provocative thoughts

Makes wisdom a principal factor

Communicative and expressive

Because your opinions matters

Walking with courage and bravery

Walking with grace and calmness

Your sense of self gives worth to others

Because you matter

The future is in the palm of your hands

Financial independence lies within you

Economic, mental and emotional freedom is believed to come out of you

Because you matter

Do not look down on yourself

You’ve been entrusted with greatness

You are capable

You are valuable

And you are valued

Because you matter

This piece is dedicated to all the YOUTH across the globe.

We were celebrating Youth Day yesterday. Still under the global pandemic and still uncertain of the future. At this point matters seems to be indefinite and you are doubtful with regard to the future. I find it befitting to remind you that YOU ARE VALUABLE.

You are rare, you have been chosen for a high calling, you are God’s instrument and you are chosen to declare the praises of He who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.

As we live, we experience situations which sometimes cause us to lose sight of our Worth. We tend to live with ground-level self esteem, simply as a result that life pressures overwhelmed us and threw stones on us, which left us vulnerable and it lured us into feeling unworthy.

I can relate too well with that. I’ve had my equitable share of downs and I know how daunting it becomes when you no longer perceive yourself as valuable and worthy. In my primal stages as a teen, i always struggled with self worth a lot. I used to measure my worth according to people’s perspective and how they perceived me, sort of a “People’s pleaser”. I thought if only I can talk, walk, speak and function similar to the other person, I’d be more desirable and accepted.

I never reckoned myself adequate enough. I sought after people’s validation.

Negativity which comes with the feeling is insufferable, the kind of a feeling you can never wish for your worst enemy. We are too quick to declare ourselves as unworthy but it is veritably difficult to exhort ourselves back into believing the truth. Do not write yourself off as yet, your worth is an asset to humanity. Find your worth and be the best version of yourself.

In my early twenties, i started hearing words like purpose and fulfilment. I wanted to comprehend what that entailed. I made research and read every book about purpose. That’s when I realized I had plenty to offer. My eyes were enlightened of the truth about myself that I started walking with my chest out and my perspective completely changed about myself.

Am tu and at times l struggle to believe the truth about myself. I’d invariably look down on myself. That is the reason why i make it a priority to constantly remind myself that I matter and am valuable. Its not as plain sailing as it sounds, it becomes easier if you do it consistently and it will automatically become your habit. You develop courage and feelings of worthlessness tends to fade away as you remind yourself of your worth.

If you’ve been feeling unworthy and invaluable, i want you to know that it’s okay to hurt. You have a permission to cry. Your glow is recoverable and it will return. You could be in a journey with struggles we dont relate to. But be reminded of who you are and love yourself more to believe that you worth every pleasant thing life has to offer. Find courage in your individuality and aim to inspire courage to be yourself.

I believe the greatest gift you can offer to this world and of course yourself is to be authentic and not try to imitate anyone. Its very easy to fall in that trap. Fall perpetually and deeply in love with yourself again, again and again, and all over again.

You are a blessing to humanity. There’s more to you than you can fathom. I want you to know that you are far more precious than anything and your worth is far more above diamonds.

Know that you are worthy of all that life has to offer.

From my heart to yours



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